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Activities & Education

Valley Homestead provides a range of outdoor education and team building activities for your ideal school adventure camp or group accommodation experience. All supervised by expert staff, allow us to help you choose suitable on-site activities for your group

Our Activities

As our activities run in all types of weather (except lightning storms), it is recommended that all group participants bring a good quality rain jacket.

Participants are asked to wear long shorts or trousers, collared t-shirts and have all long hair tied back. It is critical that participants wear sturdy outdoor footwear.


With 250 holds and 10 climbing routes set up by one of Australia’s leading climbers, the climbing tower offers a challenge to everyone from novice to advanced climbers.


Our tower is 10 metres tall with an internal stairway and 3 decks. You can’t see out until you are on the top deck. We offer abseiling led by a team of qualified, experienced leaders.

Prior to arrival groups need to choose between:

  • Abseiling only – An experiential activity within the capabilities of all ages shapes and sizes.
  • Climbing only – a little more physical, as participants learn the different and appropriate strengths of leg and arm muscles.
  • Both Abseiling and Climbing together offers the participant the experience of climbing up one side the wall and abseiling down the other. The complete package!

Aerial Obstacle Course (Low Ropes)

This obstacle course offers a fun and challenging experience for youngsters and adults alike. The course has 16 obstacles all above ground. It is possible to work from the first obstacle to the last without touching the ground, so participants enjoy trying to accomplish this!

Participants are placed in pairs with one person on the obstacle whilst their partner offers continual encouragement and support when needed. Once at their starting point the two swap with the original participant becoming the spotter or buddy.

Two Valley Homestead Instructors explain the course and supervise its use with the assistance of leaders from your group. Whilst the majority of the obstacles are ‘low ropes’ there are in addition 4 high rope challenges involving the use of harnesses.

Power Pole

The Power Pole offers a 7m and a 10m pole climb with a horizontal leap to a trapeze. Participants wear a full body harness, a helmet and are belayed via bollards on dynamic rope. Each climber is safeguarded by a 6-person belay team with the rope wound through a belay bollard.

Two Valley Homestead instructors introduce and supervise the activity with the assistance of your group leaders.

Dual Flying Fox

Stretching approximately 220m and up to 20m off the ground, participants in a full body harness can let go and perform acrobatics if they desire! Detachable pulleys ensure continual usage with little waiting time.

Two Valley Homestead Instructors introduce the course and supervise the activity with assistance of your group leaders.

Free Fall Slide

Standing 7m off the ground, participants hang from a bar and ‘fall’ 2m in the vertical position, before the steep stainless steel slide guides them to rest horizontally. Valley Homestead supplies overalls and thick socks for this activity.

One Valley Homestead Instructor introduces and supervises this activity with assistance of your group leaders.

Verticle Challenge

4 separate climbs, each 12.5 metres high allow the climber to negotiate a range of different challenges and mediums before belaying down on static rope. Each climber is safeguarded by a 3-person belay team with ropes wound through a belay bollard. Participants wear a waist harness and helmet for this activity.

Two Valley Homestead Instructors introduce the course and supervise the activity with assistance of your group leaders

Lateral Thinking

This course is located in shaded bush 50 metres behind the accommodation units. Groups work their way through a circuit of obstacles to gain familiarity with the course and then time their circuits. The area is grassed, and drinking fountains provide fresh water.

This activity is conducted by the group’s leaders after being briefed by Valley Homestead staff.

Bush Cooking

Under the supervision of your staff (briefed by us), the group will make fruit scones, cook them in camp ovens and enjoy a cup of billy tea or milo with their cooking.

This is a 2-hour activity which rotates with other selected activities.


Valley homestead offers the opportunity to explore a number of trails within the Buffalo National Park and the local area. Some of these walks afford stunning views of the Ovens Valley & Mount Buffalo

We also have a number of on-site walks ranging from 2klms to 18klms accessible from the trail head at our Bush Activity Centre.


Just metres from our front gate is the paved Murray to Mountains Rail Trail. Bright is 25km away, Myrtleford is 10km away and the riding possibilities are limitless. A bicycle and helmet are provided.

It is recommended that groups bring a mobile phone for convenience. Cycling is Valley Homestead led but requires the addition of two of the groups staff to manage the group and road safety.


The aim of Archery is to allow safe use of bow and arrow, improving aim and coordination, within a safe and encouraging environment.

This activity is conducted in groups of up to thirty and led by a Valley Homestead Instructor.

Raft Building

Raft building is great for developing team building, leadership and problem-solving skills. It is only your imagination, initiative and creativity that limits what can be built. The task is simple; design your raft, build your raft and float it.

Our qualified staff will guide this activity and provide your resources on the Ovens River.

Please visit our Conferences and Team Building page for additional team building activities available to all our school adventure camp, outdoor education and group accommodation visitors.

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